Stephanie Gibicsar


Stephanie was first introduced to yoga in 2005 by stumbling across a Karen Voight Yoga and Sculpting DVD that intrigued her to add to her collection of growing fitness interests. She found it as a great way to connect to herself before going to work each day. Stephanie had found that with consistent practice, uncomfortable feelings and thoughts would surface and she would put yoga on the backseat to other fitness practices or life in general. For years Stephanie found herself coming back to yoga on and off in times of distress, without understanding why she felt so pulled to it. Something about the connection of mind and breath and body felt comforting, and in the moment, she found the inner peace she craved.


In 2019, Stephanie found herself in a situation where she began to question her life’s purpose and path. As someone who desired change in many aspects of her life, she began to research mental health, family and generational trauma, abuse, body dysmorphia, and the cause and effects of addiction. Seeing how many tied together, while continuing her personal research, she started to reincorporate yoga into her life. In 2020, while the world felt as it stood still, she decided to put her research to the test and made lifestyle changes she hoped would help. During these many changes, Stephanie signed up for a 200-hour yoga teacher training. During the training, she found those uncomfortable thoughts and feelings from 2005 were still surfacing, forcing her to look even deeper within herself and her psyche.

Stephanie became certified as an instructor in January of 2021. Instead of teaching, Stephanie decided to continue her personal healing journey through yoga, meditation, and journaling. In April of 2022, she began teaching out of her home, enjoying the one-on-one connection of her clients.

Stephanie has found a passion for the healing aspects of yoga, watching as it not only transformed her life, but also of those she has taught. She knows that this passion has turned into a lifelong journey, one that has just begun. She is currently enrolled in additional trainings so one day she can teach to those of all ages and backgrounds so she can bring a sense of calm and happiness to those who join her on their mat.


Stephanie is over the moon to have been asked by Diane to be apart of her teacher subbing team and to teach Friday mornings. She has always enjoyed the classes she has attended at Peace Yoga Studio, and found her experience to be welcoming, peaceful and healing. Stephanie looks forward to meeting everyone and establishing roots within the beautiful community Diane has created.