Patrick Brown


Pat began practicing yoga during a major transition within his life. He had found his bliss working for 20+ years as the CEO of a non-profit disability agency, investment and real-estate companies. 

Complications from multiple sclerosis forced Pat to retire at the age of 45 to lessen stress in his life, his immune system and invest himself more fully in creating a new beautiful life despite disabling leg and mental fatigue issues. During this time he practiced ashtanga yoga as the intensity of the movements allowed him to let go of the rumination, fears and self-doubt that prevented him from finding his peace and gratitude within himself and life as a stay at home Dad and owner of a horse, goat and chicken farm in Germantown. 

His triplet children began college in 2021 and Pat decided to begin his next chapter as a yoga teacher to contribute to others state of being just as his previous teachers had nurtured him, taught him how to ground or center, find inner joy, release pent up energy and gain flexibility within the body and mind. His style of yoga has shifted dramatically over the last decade. He still uses the asanas/postures to find his center and rest his rumination to find an affirming voice within. He now finds benefit in a slower pace on and off the matt. He integrates at least one yin posture within each class to deepen flexibility of the body and mind. 

Pat fully celebrates diversity. He cherishes guiding diverse students with unique body types and abilities, with diverse beliefs and goals and affirms each student within their unique journeys. He is able to find his bliss in his everyday life and loves helping others to do the same. He will be exploring the 8 limbs and philosophy of yoga and solidifying or adapting his beliefs throughout the rest of his life. He looks forward to sharing what he’s learning and what creates goodness in his life with fellow yogis.