Brenda Birno

Massage Therapist

Divine Touch, LLC

(262) 483-9931

Hi! I’m Brenda Birno and I am passionate about helping women bring balance to their lives and connect to your own healing abilities so that they can manifest full health and vibrancy. I am dedicated to helping you release pain, feel more energized and vibrantly healthy, connect to your true Self, and live in step with your own intuitive and wise nature.

As an empath and highly sensitive person, I feel deeply and am able to teach others how to work with their energy and body. My own path has allowed me to experience and learn many different healing modalities, which have helped my clients to release anxiety, depression, sleep issues and other physical, emotional, and spiritual pain.
I have been a healing arts professional for over eighteen years. I am a board-certified massage therapist, Chakradance Facilitator, Reiki Master Teacher, Certified Flower Essence Practitioner, and Certified Red Tent Facilitator. I am trained in CranioSacral Therapy, Lymph Drainage Therapy, Energy Polarity, Chakra Balancing, Energy and Space Clearing, and other structural and energetic therapies.

My customized services are specifically designed to help you truly transcend pain in your body, mind and spirit. I also provide practical tips and intuitive insight so that you continue to experience healing transformations beyond your sessions. My intuitive bodywork and energy sessions provide a safe, sacred, and supportive environment creating an invitation for your body, mind and spirit to relax. The resulting release is often complete and long lasting because it was your body/mind/spirit’s own decision to “let go”. These sessions are also designed to address and eliminate the issues that allowed the pain pattern to take root in the first place.

Introductory Customized Session

$75 for 90 minutes

Office Hours – By Appointment


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