Autumn Konkle

Autumn’s journey with yoga began because of anxiety. She had a panic attack when she was presenting her portfolio for her Elementary Education degree. She had no idea it was a panic attack, and had no idea she had anxiety! (This, by the way, is quite common among anxiety sufferers.) After finding help via counseling, she was encouraged to try yoga. Yoga connected her with her body, as well as softened all the negative self-talk that she soon realized she had. It was a slow unveiling of who she was, and a gradual shift to loving herself more and more. This is what she hopes to bring to her yoga students – a closer connection to who they are physically, mentally, emotionally, and an unconditional love for who that person is. It is when we have an abundance of self-love that we can give love to the world. Let’s change the world with our love! It all begins on the mat.

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