Peace Yoga Studio is a place I go to calm down, stretch my muscles, attune to my own body, find companionship with other yogis and just relax. Diane and the other instructors are very good at making the yoga classes all about your own practice and not about competition with yourself or others. Some days I like to challenge myself and others to take it easy. I really enjoy all the classes I attend and the many, many benefits I receive.

Cathy D.

I so look forward to our Wednesday morning class. Diane does a great job of creating a fun, welcoming and peaceful environment to practice in. I encourage all yogis, whether a beginner or advanced, to give PEACE a chance. You won’t be disappointed.

Joan D.

I have taken yoga for 20 years at all kinds of studios, and am so grateful to have Peace Yoga in my backyard! Diane’s success growing her studio is due to her hard work, and networking, but also due to her kind heart and passion for guiding all to partake at their own pace. Leave your competitiveness at the door as you are encouraged to find YOUR practice and learn to truly be at Peace!

Jen D.

I look forward to coming to class every week. I have loved yoga for 14 years and Diane’s fun personality and extra nice “touches” and challenging classes are very much appreciated.

Denise K.

I wasn’t sure what I was looking for when I first came to Peace Yoga Studio and began my yoga practice. What I found was more than I could imagine. Physical balance, strength, and flexibility are the basic elements incorporated into every practice. The surprise I found is how yoga helps bring awareness to, and builds, your self-reflections of balance, peace, and confidence. I look forward to the physical challenges and inner self-reflections with each and every practice. Peace Yoga Studio provides an open, welcoming environment for everyone who wants to build a yoga practice.

Diane E.

Peace Yoga is a sanctuary for me. It is a place where I can re-center myself and find peace. While experiencing an extended period of life upheavals, I realized that my yoga practice at Peace Yoga was one of the best therapies for me during that time. Overall, it has also helped keep my body feeling restored — no lower back aches or joint pain. The social atmosphere is also friendly and non-judgmental. I miss it when I don’t go!

Betsy T.

Peace is an inclusive, warm, non-competitive environment that’s perfect for the beginner or advanced yogi. There is always great instruction whether you are working through an injury or physical limitation or you are looking to advance your practice. It’s one of my favorite places to be!


I came to yoga without a lot of back-ground, Diane’s approach is to give each student the fundamentals of a yoga practice, and then offer them advance techniques as their balance, strength and form improve. I never thought I would be a lifelong yoga student, but when I end up missing a class, my body — and mind –crave the challenge I get from it, and the peace I achieve as well.


When I began doing yoga with Diane almost five years ago, I had trouble with the most basic poses, even “the child’s pose”, having stiffened from years at a desk and computer. I have always appreciated, and been amazed by, Diane’s skilled ability to suggest adjust-ments to a pose, so that regardless of our current level of flexibility, we are able to work at the pose and eventually progress.


Having recently become challenged with a spinal cord injury, I had been looking for something to help me recover both physically and emotionally. From those first days of having no idea what downward facing dog was, to now, Diane has encouraged me to reach my potential physically while inspiring me spiritually. She instills in her students the acceptance of limitations and all levels of ability.


I started taking yoga with Diane about two years ago, and when I started, I was really apprehensive as a beginner. But Diane is great because she makes sure everyone is comfortable in her classes. I’m still not very “good” at yoga, but I have to say, it has been a great thing for my flexibility, strength and general attitude on the days I take her class. If you’ve never done yoga and are on the fence about it, don’t give it another thought. Jump right in!

David H.

Peace has a true spirit of practice and comfort. The mix of leaders and offerings is “just right” with a unique plate of extra sessions for a special treat. Each time the body is challenged while the heart is nourished. Attention to each individual is given with care. There is no stress on achieving a certain expression of a pose but rather on striving to reach your individual potential both short term and for the future. Gentle physical adjustments (only with permission) and verbal tips/tricks are gained from Diane no matter what stage you are on in your yoga journey. Those who practice with you provide warm support and often a good laugh. This environment ensures meaningful successes however you wish to measure. Come and feel the “love”.

Athena T.