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Therapeutic Yoga

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Patti is a certified, experienced Yoga Alliance registered yoga instructor (E-RYT) with over two decades of experience teaching movement to adults, children and teens.

As a Registered yoga teacher, Certified Yoga Tune Up ® instructor, Reiki Master, and Holistic Occupational Therapist Patti integrates training in a multitude of body/mind/spirit modalities with the science of modern medicine. Patti’s approach is a meld of yoga, therapeutic exercise, corrective movement, breath work, meditation, and self-care techniques. She invites each student to explore the architecture of their own bodies while utilizing the above methods to create improved range of motion, increased strength, decreased pain and an overall sense of well-being. Patti’s sessions are individualized and based on the needs and goals determined by the client. She is adept at working with all age groups.

Patti’s Client Testimonies:

I recently took private lessons from Patti for several weeks to help me figure out the pain I was experiencing in the hip, lower back, and inner thigh areas. Patti came highly recommended by a fellow runner who experienced the same kind of discomfort. Through her unique teachings with small balls and slow stretching (Yoga) therapy, she has taught me much about my body and how it works. Patti would always send an email going through all that was covered in our last session, which was greatly appreciated. Not only is she a great teacher but a wonderful listener. My time with Patti was nothing but beneficial to my body, mind, and soul.
– Colleen M.

I can not give enough praise for the work Patti did to help me with my
shoulder and arm issues. I was familiar with the Yoga Tune Up Therapy
balls. But the videos I have can not compare to working with an actual certified instructor, as Patti is. Her one on one attention and instructions helped relieve pain in my shoulders and upper arms, which I had been experiencing for months. She provided written handouts to help enforce what she was teaching me, and always made time to check in with me to see if I had any questions or concerns. While she concentrated on the areas I had pain in, she also provided suggestions on total body alinement, movements and daily activities. I loved her approach to total body self care; not only working on issues, but helping prevent issues from forming in the first place. She is a patient, kind teacher and works with you at your own level of understanding. I can’t thank her enough for the work we did. Don’t pass up a chance to work with Patti; you will not regret it.
– Kerry K.

Taking a private yoga class with Patti has been a great experience. In this class I am able to meet my personal needs and learn some new yoga techniques to incorporate into my home stretching program. Patti always encourages me in a very positive way. I have become more aware of my body and the ways I should move so I feel better.
Thank you,
– Laura N.

Therapeutic Yoga has reduced the tightness and pain in both of my shoulders as well as the right upper thigh. Patti’s exercise instructions are very precise and variable, depending where the pain is located. Using different size balls I was able to get into the deeper layers of my muscles and release them. Patti follows up with email instructions to make sure I was doing the correct moves at home. This is important to me. Patti stresses “self care” exercises for the whole body and I have been doing these exercises most days. I notice small improvements – less pain and greater mobility – and I am grateful for that. My gratitude to Patti. She is the best yoga/therapy instructor I ever had. She is so knowledgeable, caring, and fun to be with. I can highly recommend her.
– Gertrud Z.

I started working with Patti in early December for two reasons; an arthritic ankle and an injured shoulder, both with considerable pain and restricted mobility/range of motion. After working with Patti, I canceled my total ankle replacement surgery. Certainly, Patti could not cure the bone on bone however she was able to release the tension in my foot/ankle allowing a healthy flow which reduced the pain and inflammation increasing the functionality of my ankle. Patti did the same miraculous work in my shoulder. Patti’s skills were/are transformative. With her extensive knowledge of the functions and mechanisms of the body and her strong active listening skills the last few months have been the most pain free in years. Patti is truly a miracle worker and seeing firsthand the healing her skills create, I’ll continue to use them. Your attentiveness, attention to detail, and care with your clients is infectious. It has been an absolute pleasure getting to work with you. Thank you, Patti!!! I highly recommend you.
– Marcia L.


Therapeutic Yoga

Initial Session – 75 minutes $95

The initial session includes a review of the client’s health history, assessment of movement patterns, range of motion, functional strength, breathing patterns and the client’s personal goals. The session also includes movement strategies, breath work, and self-massage using the Yoga Tune Up® balls.


Additional Sessions 60 minutes

  • Single Sessions: $75 each
  • Four Session Pack: $280 (prepaid after initial session)


These sessions continue to address goals/areas identified from the initial session. An email summary of the session is provided.


Private 1:1 Yoga

60 minutes Session $70

Are you new to yoga or do you want to improve your existing yoga practice? These sessions provide instruction on yoga postures prior to attending group classes or establishing a home practice.

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