Melissa Teske


Melissa began practicing yoga on the recommendation of a naturopathic doctor who felt stress was at the root of some minor health struggles.  In our busy everyday lives, we often don’t even realize how stressed we were until we come out on the other side.  Yoga was that pathway through to the other side for Melissa.  After five months of regularly attending classes, she was so inspired by the positive change in her life that she enrolled in a 200 hour level teacher training program to share this healing practice with others.  She has been teaching a variety of styles since 2011 including vinyasa, yin, restorative and kids yoga.  Her favorite type of class to teach is one that moves at a slower pace to really enter each posture consciously, taking time to feel the aliveness in our bodies and to notice the peace that is always there in the background, but is normally covered up by our busy minds.  Melissa is also a stay at home mom to two little boys who love to do tree pose, yell out “timber” and fall to the ground in a fit of giggles.

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